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Extra Special Bitter - local Prince Edward County beer

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Core Brews

ESB:5.2%ABV 32 IBU

Based on the classic unfiltered Extra Special Bitter, this beer has a medium body with a clean, dry finish. Its flavour profile is balanced malt sweetness against the hop bittering. The hop profile is low. On the palate it shows caramel notes with a nutty middle and has slight dark fruits with jamminess on the finish. The finish is accentuated at a warmer drinking temperature (10-15°C), while still maintaining a clean caramel and nutty character at lower serving temperatures. 

MBC Kolsch Ale:4.3%ABV 19 IBU

One of our most popular beers, the German equivalent of the English pale ale. This is our unique take on this classic regional beer, our version has a pleasant, light, clean stone fruit on the nose while showing peach, apricot and pineapple on the pallet flowing to clean spicy finish. The overall aspect is a well-rounded, light drinking, crisp-finishing larger type beer; with a very low hop presence.

Dry Stout, 4.2%ABV 35 IBU

This classic session beer has a medium body and smooth mouth feel with the traditional roasted malt nose. On the pallet hints of coffee and chocolate are at the forefront with a fruity slightly tart finish complimenting the smooth clean, dry finish. This beer has proved to be one of our most popular session beers.

1927 IPA(Session) 4.2% ABV 50.2 IBU

Based on a UK recipe from 1927 adapted to modern mashing techniques and using 100% County grown hops. This classic English session IPA has the toffee malt character  a clean medium body mouth feel flowing through to a rounded citrus, spicy, grassy hop finish and a slight lingering bitterness. Clean drinking packed with flavour but only 4.2ABV makes this the ideal session IPA for the big flavour lovers.  NOTE: These hops originally growing wild in the hedgerows are thought to originate from the Empire Loyalist settlers and have been re-domesticated by our local hop grower. An English Golding derivative hop, they now show a distinctive aroma and bitter character while maintaining the floral, grassy and spice notes of their heritage.

The French, german & Belgium Beers

Saison 4.5%ABV 20 IBU

Our classic Saison has a flinty, spicy, peppery nose with herbal notes, a restrained sweetness and a dry peppery finish. We ferment this beer at slightly higher than normal temperatures bringing a distinctive vinous/chardonnay quality to the flavour profile. Low overall hop presence and smooth mouthfeel create a distinctive, refreshing well balanced flavourful ale 

Hefeweiss (Heff) 4.4%ABV 9.5 IBU

Our hazy (sometimes clear) classic has the traditional banana, and cloves on the nose and has a champagne-like spritziness. The palate is a continuation of the cloves with a slight banana and finishes cleanly with a sweep of fruits and cloves once more. Very low to no hop presence and with a very clean and refreshing finish.

Witbier (Wit):4.5%ABV 9 IBU

Witbier or White Beer in Dutch, originated in the 1800s from just outside Brussels Belgium . Our Wit has the traditional subtle earthy notes derived from the malted wheat and a smooth body with a light refreshing effervescent mouthfeel. This beer is lightly hopped and derives its fruity complexity from traditional Belgium yeasts, the addition of orange peel and coriander seeds.

Seasonal and limited availability


This is the classic English style black beer, popular throughout Victorian England. Porter does not traditionally have the strong roasted malt notes associated with stouts, but is softer and rounder in the mouth. The Midtown Seasonal Porter has a soft smokey, rich flavour with accents of star anise, chocolate and a slightly tart finish that will accentuate with age. It is medium to full bodied yet very smooth on the palate. You can drink this beer now or keep in cellar condition for up to a year. 


A hybrid beer between a spiced strong English Bitter and a Belgium Pale Ale. This Ales’ prominent malt character has been accentuated with small additions of classic speciality roasted malts bringing fruity esters,  raisins and dark stone fruits notes to is character. As is traditional this time of year, thus putting the Seasonal in the Seasonal ale, it’s also delicately spiced with traditional Canadian and European holiday favourites; orange peel from Savile, Ginger, Cardamom and All Spice make up the other accents.  While this beer drinks like a Belgium Dubbel, it has a malt character of classic British Ales. Depending on drinking temperature and age, different accents will appear in the mouth. The Seasonal Ale has a medium body and a nice dry finish. With cellaring, we expect that the spice notes to fall away letting  the darker fruits and orange notes dominate, while a smoothing and mellowing of the slight hop presence is also expected.